Underwater Naturalist

Explore the Wonders of the Deep with the PADI Underwater Naturalist Course

Uncover the hidden secrets of the aquatic world on your next dive with the PADI Underwater Naturalist Course. Delve deeper into the underwater realm and discover the intricate relationships between aquatic plants and animals, predator and prey dynamics, and symbiotic connections that make our oceans truly extraordinary.

The Fun Part

Gain insight into the fascinating behavior of aquatic creatures and unravel their vital roles within the intricate tapestry of the aquatic ecosystem.

Course Duration

Embark on a thrilling underwater adventure with just 2 dives, all achievable in a single, action-packed day.


To dive into this enchanting world, you must hold a PADI Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water certification or an equivalent entry-level qualification from another reputable agency.

What You’ll Discover

  • Explore the diverse aquatic life groups and gain a deeper understanding of their interactions, dispelling misconceptions along the way.
  • Uncover the pivotal roles of aquatic plants, the delicate balance of food chains, and the captivating predator-prey relationships beneath the waves.
  • Learn responsible ways to interact with underwater life, ensuring the preservation of these remarkable ecosystems.
  • Master buoyancy techniques that enable you to engage with the tiniest and most elusive aquatic critters.
  • Embrace the underwater naturalist’s perspective, appreciating organisms and their profound contributions to our environment like never before.


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