Gear & Accessories

Whether you bring your own gear, or hire some or all of it from us, we will provide a seamless service.

You will try on or drop off your gear at the lodge. We will store it in our secure lockers overnight and we will bring your gear to the beach every day, we will have it ready for you when you arrive on the beach.

Your dedicated gear assistant will help you with your gear, although, as a qualified diver we want you to assemble and check it yourself. We will then lift and load your assembled scuba unit and weights system onto tractors for loading onto the boat.

We ask you to carry your own mask and fins to the boat. At the boat your DM will show you where your scuba unit is located, he will show you your weight system and you will place your mask and fins onto the boat. Then, you know you have everything for your dive. For a fun time you can carry a ukulele to play at beach.

In terms of our school/rental gear;

We use 200bar steel cylinders, in DIN and A-Clamp/International. Ten, twelve and fifteen litre cylinders are available.

300bar filling available

Nitrox is available for a small surcharge on every dive and is strongly recommended on the morning dives. If you are not qualified we can provide either an introductory Enriched Air of the full Nitrox course.

Our school/rental gear is Aqualung.

BCD/STAB’s are the Aqualung Wave.

Regulators, all DIN with alternate air sources are Aqualung Calypso.

Whilst we of course have mask and fins for hire we recommend that you bring your favourites or purchase these very personal items from our onsite store to ensure the perfect fit. We stock a full range of Cressi, Scubapro and Aqualung.

Our standard rental suits are one piece, five mm wetsuits which are appropriate for all year round diving here. We have short wetsuits for summer time and if you’re very slim, or get cold easily we have a full range of chicken vest/hoodies for hire.

Gloves are not necessary here and are not allowed under the National Park rules.

We also recommend you carry at least an SMB and preferably a reel. If you have not been trained in their use we can organise a dive with one of our instructors. These are available in our Dive Shop.