Diving Safety

Your safety and the safety of our staff is our highest priority.

We will dive within the limits set by your dive qualification. If you wish to dive out with your limits our dive school is dedicated to your continuing diving education.

We have an unblemished safety record. This we attribute to a number of factors, well trained dive staff, superbly experienced Divemasters and Instructors, the most experienced surf launch skippers in Southern Africa and conservative, safety oriented dive practices.

Every day we track the weather and directly observe the launch conditions and sea conditions before we dive. There are perhaps 5 to 6 days each year when we will not launch due to sea conditions, there are perhaps another 8-10 days a year when it would be inappropriate to take out in experienced or entry level divers.

We would in general expect any diver who has not dived in 6 months to take a refresher before they dive, either before their trip or upon arrival in our dive pool. This is a guideline, you can contact the Dive School Manager to discuss whether or not we would recommend a refresher.

We would also expect you to arrive with your dive cards and logbook. We can check the qualification of PADI, NAUI and SSI divers online. If you have lost your card, it may be easier for you to contact your Dive School and organise a replacement before you arrive.

If you are enrolled on a Dive Course, we will issue a medical statement to you. If you indicate a problem you will need to see a Doctor before you get wet. It may be more satisfactory for you to have any medical questions answered by your personal Doctor although there are local Doctors nearby. We can email you a dive medical form. Contact The Shop for a copy.

All of our Dive Staff, Skippers and Admin staff are trained and regularly refreshed in Diving First Aid and Oxygen Provision. We have emergency oxygen and first aid kits on each boat, on the beach and at The Shop. The Dive School Manager is available 24/7 to respond to diving problems.

Our equipment is serviced regularly and our dive boats are certified and regularly inspected by the South African Maritime Safety Authority and South African Police Service.

We are a Divers Alert Network South Africa Dive Safety Partner and are also a test bed for a new Scheme from DAN that will award us their highest possible safety rating. We will be the first in South Africa to receive this and indeed only the second centre worldwide. We take safety seriously.

You can and should play a major role in your own safety.

  • Listen carefully to your dive and boat briefings, if you are not sure ask questions
  • If you are unsure about your capability to make a given dive, speak to the beach manager, he will be able to help, by choosing a different site, providing advice or buddying you up with a dive professional.
  • If you are using your own equipment, make sure it is serviced at least once a year.
  • Dive equipped with a knife, compass, SMB and reel if possible. Be trained in their use. We can help you.
  • Stay hydrated, particularly during our hot humid months. Try not to consume caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee, coke or energy drinks before or after your dives.
  • Limit your alcohol intake and don’t dive with a hangover.
  • Dive on Enriched Air Nitrox where feasible; if you are not qualified to use Nitrox, we can teach you.
  • If you are prone to seasickness, speak with your Doctor before your tripabout medication and tell the beach staff so we can give you the best position on the boat.
  • If you experience any signs or symptoms of Decompression Illness, or even if you just don’t feel right, inform the Dive Staff immediately.
  • Probably the biggest contribution you can make to your own and others dive safety is to progress your learning to Rescue Diver level or preferably to Master Scuba Diver. We can assist with this.
  • We strongly recommend Dive Insurance; in our opinion and experience Divers Alert Network provide the ideal Dive Insurance.
  • A final word, be aware of the sun. Sodwana sun is very strong, and whilst out on a dive boat you may not feel the sunburn until it is too late. Even on an overcast day you will burn if not protected. We stock a full range of sun protection products, bring your own or use ours, but make sure you use them.