Bubble Maker

Discover the Thrill of Underwater Exploration!

Introduction to Scuba Diving for Kids

Introduce your children to the captivating world of scuba diving with our Bubble Maker program. Designed for young adventurers aged 8 to 10, this exciting experience takes place in a safe and controlled environment – a pool with depths of less than two meters. It’s the perfect way to kickstart their underwater journey!

The Fun Part

Join the family fun of scuba diving and inspire a lifelong passion for the underwater world. Your kids don’t need to be expert swimmers; just being comfortable in the water is enough. Our expert PADI Instructors ensure that children have a blast while learning about the fascinating world beneath the waves.

What They’ll Learn

During this one-hour session, your kids will:

  • Experience scuba diving under the direct guidance of certified PADI Instructors.
  • Take their first exhilarating breaths underwater.
  • Get hands-on experience with scuba diving equipment specially designed for children.

The Scuba Gear

We provide all the essential scuba gear tailored to your child’s size and stature, ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the experience.


The PADI Bubble Maker program is open to children aged 8 to 10. No prior scuba experience is required.

What’s Next

For young adventurers eager to continue their underwater journey, we offer exciting opportunities:

  • Dive into AquaMissions as part of the Seal Team program.
  • Kids aged 10-14 can embark on the Junior PADI Open Water Diver course.
  • Explore advanced kids courses to expand their scuba skills and knowledge.

Ignite your child’s passion for the underwater world today with our Bubble Maker program!