Professional Internships in South Africa; Divemaster and Instructor Level.

“Doing a DM traineeship with SBLSC is like learning how to live life.”
JC, Australia

sblsc internship

We offer a tailor made set of professional internships from entry level to professional level. We also offer instructor and divemaster internships in South Africa for professionals seeking experience.

These internships typically last between three and six months, with longer positions available for exceptional candidates.

All courses required by the intern are charged at list price and in the time that the intern is with us he or she is expected to work alongside us in whatever capacity they can. In return, fun dives are not charged. On average the intern can expect to make between thirty and forty dives a month.

This is no mass production line of dive professionals, the internship is not an easy route to take, but is near guaranteed to produce a world class dive professional, with an excellent pedigree. The aim for the trainee should not be simply to pass their courses; our instructional staff have enough experience to enable nearly anybody to pass these courses. The trainee should be aiming to walk away from their time here with a reference from Sodwana Bay Lodge Scuba Centre. This is a passport that can then be used all over the world.

As well as professional level diving ability, we look to instill and foster independence, teamwork, maturity, responsibility, people skills and workplace essentials such as timekeeping and appearance.

We will provide accommodation in our trainee village. However, we will not cook for you. But we will make you read books and play chess.

Please contact the Dive School Manager to talk about your needs and how we can help you to develop into a true dive professional.

“The Scuba Centre DM internship will be the best experience of your life”


“Doing a DM traineeship with SBLSC is like learning how to live life… First, you arrive, thinking your such a hot shot and that the whole world revolves around you… But it doesn’t take long at SBLSC for Ben to teach you a few things… And though you may at first think he’s just there to grind your gears, you will soon find out that you are actually being taught how to be a team member, team leader and overall, a good human being.

Through the SBLSC DM trainee course, I was taught so much about life, work ethics and attitudes towards the working environment, all while having the most amazing experience of being able to dive everyday under the beautiful sun of Sodwana… The diving is what makes the experience one that you won’t soon forget! It’s amazing! You’ll swim with whalesharks, dolphins, and learn about the underwater fish environment in some of the best known diving conditions and most rich fish life in the world!

But aside from the diving, you’ll take home something much more important; You’ll come away with skills for life. Being a trainee at SBLSC will teach you not only how to be a good, safe diver under the instruction of some of the best in the industry, but it will also teach you what it means to be a part of a great successful team.

By the end of your course, you will have learned that your attitude plays a great role in your surrounding environment, and working at SBLSC will teach you how to have a good attitude because you will become part of the team once you are willing to really commit and work hard and you will find out, that that’s really what its all about… At SBLSC, you will work hard, but you will play hard too. In between work you will spend the evening’s relaxing by the dive shop talking as friends and making jokes… You’ll also have the occasional beer… And this is what makes the experience all worth it!

You will learn a balance of work and play that will set you straight for the rest of your life! The skills learnt doing the DM trainee course at SBLSC will allow you to go out into the world with the right mentality for working in any industry, whatever it may be. I am personally thankful for all that I learnt from the course and can truly say that it has changed my life in so many ways, and only for the better!

I now have a good work ethic, a good attitude and respect towards others in the working environment, something I have SBLSC solely to thank for…” Thank you! Thank you Ben, thank you Greg, and thank you to everyone else who works at the lodge, I really appreciate what you have all given me and that is skills for life!

“I completed my dive masters with scuba centre in the beginning of 2010, and ended up staying there for the whole year because it is such an amazing place. And they quickly realized I was an asset not only to the business, but the whole town of Sodwana.

“The DM internship program is unlike any other. Your confidence and esteem will be brutally shot down by the legendary master and ex-navy seal known as warhammer 1-1. Sand worms are almost certain to inhabit your lower extremity epidermis. The baking sun will cause your skin to blister, reef cuts are a sure thing, especially if you kite surf, but merthiolate is always at hand to give you greater pain than the actual haemorrhage and much pleasure to the person applying it, who will undoubtedly tell you to stop being a girl and that pain is weakness leaving the body.

“This phase is called the break down phase and will last for as long as the Mnumzane feels like. The Mnumzane, as you will come to know, is the big chief of Scuba Centre, cross between Indiana Jones and Santa Claus…you WILL fear him.

“Then the build up phase begins. This stage usually starts when newer trainees come in and you think you are better than them. It will not last long however if you discover that the new trainee is doing their Instructor Course and will out rank you when they pass… Anyway…you start to grow, and think for yourself, you start to take initiative, you start to compete with yourself , to do better, to achieve, you start to see your unlimited potential and will come to realize that you can actually be the second best dive master in the world (I am the BEST, there’s no way you will achieve my standards, so aim for 2nd or 3rd).

“After completing the internship you will have a sense of accomplishment that will last all the way to Mbazwana. And will not return until you find yourself going on a dive with much less qualified divers…then you will feel like a BOSS”.

Richards Bay
Since I have been here I cannot sleep later than 7am, I’ve got so used to getting up early that if I wake up after 7am I feel that I got left on earth alone with nothing but sheep, but who doesn’t want to wake up early to go down to the beach, its probably the most awesome job or training that can be found. You dive everyday, see something new everyday.

Its fun here, love the vibe, love the people, love the place we are like a family team. You have to be tough if you want to make it here at Scuba centre, for you  will get back pains, you will get stung by jellies and blue bottles, you will get stabbed by sea urchins, you might end up with a few scars but have no fear when Ben is near with his Merthiolate.

What we do here is what we love and what we love is what our passion is, diving.

Since I started the internship at Scuba centre I learnt to take a lot of “verbal encouragement” from my colleagues on a regular basis.

It’s a great growing process. Although you do learn a lot about the diving career and all the small jobs needed doing that people don’t usually see and you’ll have a lot of fun doing. You meet a lot of new and interesting people around here, local and from around the world. In the time I spent here I learnt everything I need to know in the diving career as well as a lot of culture, responsibility and professionalism and a lot about the geography of the ocean and coast. It has been a great experience and I recommend more people get involved in the fun.

SBLSC? Go for it! It was by pure accidental chance I landed up of their doorstep and consider it to some of my best days to date! Such an incredible eclectic collection of individuals that love life, enjoy what they do and truly appreciate where they are! This family ethos and like-minded mentality comes across in their dedication to their profession. I could recommend no better Diving Center!
My day starts with the words “why are you late, again?”

This makes my day, because the staff of Scuba Centre are the reason for me being where I am today, without their educational advise, moral support and very creative criticism I wouldn’t be here.  My eight months here will never be forgotten.

The green team works like a very well oiled machine and don’t try mess with it.